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The  following are some of the areas in which Peter Sommer has been instructed as an expert witness in civil matters.  A list specifically identifying these together with details of instructing solicitors is available to lawyers by application here.

Appeal against inclusion on PoCA and PoVA lists
Copyright:  Alleged copied web-page design & coding
Contract / employment:  Joint report on history of computer usage
Contract:  disputed contract for supply of computer-driven employee time-keeping system
Defamation / Privacy:  emails,  blogs,;  forensic examinations;  disclosure issues
Defamation on Internet newsgroups:  provenance of computer evidence;  extent of “innocent dissemination” defence for ISPs
Employment disputes:  forensic examination of computer system
Execution of Civil Search Order under CPR 25.1 – breach of contract;  safe seizure of evidence on computer network
Inquiry:  Support for QC-lead inquiry into trade union affairs :  allegations of corrupt computer contracts, deleted and compromised computer system
Insurance claim:  failed central alarm system
IPR in computer programs
Matrimonial / family proceedings: forensic examination of computer
Met Police disciplinary procedure:  police computer systems
Negligence:   Value of lost material for computer game
Passing off dispute between rival commercial conference managers:  report on wireless internet service providers / technical and commercial
SJE:  action after defamation:  reasonableness of steps to remove information from websites and search engines
SJE:  defamation;  internet chat rooms
SJE:  defamation on websites, email
Solicitor’s Costs (instructed by Home Office)  

SJE: Examination of workstations and servers for the presence of IP in animation characters

Solicitors’ Disciplinary Hearing:  Explanations of the evidential value of IP addresses in cases involving alleged piracy of intellectual property through file-sharing sites

SJE: Examination of parties’ computer systems to determine whether emails were sent and received

SJE:  Disputed contract in email archives; original servers and computers no longer available