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These articles,  PowerPoint presentations and media clips by Peter Sommer may be of interest to visitors to this site.

Please note that  they may not have  been updated since original publication and that as a result some of the information, in particular in relation to matters of law,  could be out-of-date.   In some instances the articles may be in their “pre-publication” state.  For the final versions please use the  supplied references and download from the sites of the relevant journals. Please notify us if any of the links on third-party sites have gone “dead”.

IAAC  Digital Evidence, Digital Investigation and E-Disclosure: A Guide to Forensic Readiness ,  Fourth  Edition, November 2013

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Computer Forensics Education , Yasinac, Erbacher, Marks, Pollitt, Sommer, IEEE Security & Privacy Vol 1 No 4 p 15 , July 2003;
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Citizen 2.o New Statesman Special Report,  August 2008  (participation)
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Digital Footprints:  Emerging problems in computer forensics.  Presentation to Criminal Bar Association, 2007
Insider Threat:  Issues in the Technologies of Digital Investigation,  Cyber Security Knowledge Transfer Network conference, 2008

Meetings between Experts: a route to shorter, fairer trials,   Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference, 2009

Computer Forensics, Digital Evidence and the Corporate Security Agenda,  Risk & Security Managers’ Forum, 2010

Contingency Planning,  CyberSecurity 2010, Brussels

CyberSecurity:  the legal dimension,  Royal United Services Institute, 2010

Defining CyberWarfare,  Oxford Internet Institute, 2011

From “Computer Security” to “Information Assurance”,  Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2011

Cyber Crime: Prevention, Protection and Punishment,  Chatham House, November 2011

Disciplines of Contingency Planning and Insurance, Govcert.nl 2011,  November  2011

Can we separate “comms data” from “content” and at what cost?   Scrambling for Safety 2012, April 2012

Digital Footprints:  presentation to Criminal Bar Association, November 2102

Snooper’s Charter:  Meeting November 2012

Criminal Use of  Technologies:  European Police College, Vienna,  September 2013

Who’s watching GCHQ? Guardian Comment  August 2013;  How to improve oversight of GCHQ October 2013

OpenDemocracy  Stronger Oversight of GCHQ October 2013

Videos & Media
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BBC News etc  30 + archived clips

Law for Digital Investigators,  Society for Computers and Law seminar October 2007  (requires Microsoft Internet Explorer, may not work in Firefox or Safari)

Securing Smartphones - webinar , April 2009 InfoSecurity

http://www.defenceiq.com/defence-technology/videos/cyber-law-grapples-with-the-advent-of-the-cyber-wa/#joinPopup (video)

http://www.defenceiq.com/defence-technology/videos/drawing-a-line-between-the-frequency-and-intensity/&mac=DFIQ_OI_Featured_2011&utm_source=defenceiq.com&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DefOptIn&utm_content=8/4/11  (video)

http://www.defenceiq.com/defence-technology/podcasts/professor-peter-sommer-discusses-the-challenges-of/   (podcast)

Today 24/06/2011:  Recreational Hackers  (radio clip)

Today 18/01/2011:  CyberWar / OECD      (radio clip)

Frontline Club Event  on Cyberwarfare 09/02/2011 (video)

Computer Weekly CW500 Interview, May 2011(video)