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Training,  Conferences, Media



Training for civil lawyers is available via Central Law Training.

Courses on the practicalities of managing digital evidence, e-dislcosure and the framing and execution of Orders involving computers and digital evidence are offered both on an open and in-house basis.  Webinars are provided regularly.  All qualify for CPD


Training for criminal lawyers and law enforcement agencies are provided by Peter Sommer direct.  Please contact.



Conferences, Seminars


Peter Sommer is a highly experienced presenter, lecturer and chairperson / facilitator.   In general terms he will appear at academic and government events at no charge beyond reasonable expenses.   Participation in commercial and corporate events will usually attract a negotiated fee. Please contact.



Media Queries

Peter Sommer is a very experienced media commentator on tv, radio and in print. He frequently appears on the BBC NewsChannel and SkyNews and rather less frequently in the main tv bulletins and on programs such as BBC Today,  World at One  and PM.  He also appears on BBC World Service TV and radio,  CNN and other international broadcasters.  High quality Skype is available on request



Sample Videos & Media


Law for Digital Investigators,  Society for Computers and Law seminar October 2007  (requires Microsoft Internet Explorer, may not work in Firefox or Safari)


http://www.defenceiq.com/defence-technology/videos/cyber-law-grapples-with-the-advent-of-the-cyber-wa/#joinPopup (video)


http://www.defenceiq.com/defence-technology/videos/drawing-a-line-between-the-frequency-and-intensity/&mac=DFIQ_OI_Featured_2011&utm_source=defenceiq.com&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DefOptIn&utm_content=8/4/11  (video)


http://www.defenceiq.com/defence-technology/podcasts/professor-peter-sommer-discusses-the-challenges-of/   (podcast)


BBC Radio 4 Today 24/06/2011:  Recreational Hackers  (radio clip)


BBC Radio 4 Today 18/01/2011:  CyberWar / OECD      (radio clip)


HoC Science and Technology Committee: Scientific advice and evidence in emergencies  17/11/2011 (video:   Microsoft Silverlight to view)

Frontline Club Event  on Cyberwarfare 09/02/2011 (video)